Beach Alert

Anti-theft Alarm for your iPhone/iPad ⛱

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Alternative tagline: "LoJack for your iPhone" Clever idea, @spifd 👍🏼
is it a siren that sounds only when/if it's picked up? lojack tracks your device. does this do that? sounds more like a car alarm than lojack.
@thejeremycarson No we don't track (iOS Find my iPhone can already do that). You're right, it's a siren. Restoring tagline as anti-theft alarm. Thanks.
*Updated with new promo codes* Hello hunters! Very very simple mobile app: you're at the beach or at your desk and you are stressed about your iPhone/iPad. Launch this app, lock your device. A siren will be triggered after a few seconds without unlock to deter any thief. New promo codes: - XHHK346KHE4K - NNNENRMYHTW4 - 673EHF4WM4RH - 773YJFHKHWA9 - Y7XMAFNE6E4T - EMNKRHJLP4R4 Some promo codes to redeem on the AppStore for 1st hunters here: - LHYPL3MHAHW6 - TELRJX96ETTN - 4PMKL7FY7TEL - FTLNE3NYL46R - J9FA4X6NNPPT - K9YAJWHAXYRL Enjoy your bath and leave us feedback in comments.
Love the idea! Just so everyone knows all the promo codes have been used sadly. I was too late to the party to get one to work.
@chrisjano Thanks! Just published new promo codes... get one there or PM me on Twitter 🕶
i wanted to try the app ... but it's not free. Why can't you have a free app for us to test ?
@matman There has been a few promo codes here to get it for free. You may be right, we could have done a free app with in-app after a few tries. This is a side project so it was quicker to go that way. PM me on Twitter if you want to get another one.
@spifd give me a promo code!