Be Thrifty Today

A simple and secure money manager app.

Be Thrifty Today is a simple and secure money management app that helps you track your incomes and expenses. It is designed in a way that helps you become financially vigilant within seconds of using the app.
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Hey there! The maker of Be Thrifty Today here :) This is an app I've always wanted to make for my personal use, but then, seeing as to how many people actually showed interest in what I was building, I designed it in a simple and secure and hopefully without any bugs (fingers crossed). There are tonnes of simple features that make the app nice to use, but I would like to hear from you most of all. What do you think about the app, do you feel like it's missing something? If you are a developer yourself with some spare time, I graciously invite you to help code along with me and work on the app. It's completely open-source and available for free on the Google Play Store. This is my very first app, so quite excited :) Hope the streak of product development never ends. Thank you all for hearing me out. Looking forward to interacting with everyone!
The app is now live on the Google Play Store :) You can find it here: