Be In Crypto

World's largest $Crypto job board

Be In Crypto aggregates all the crypto jobs around the web and showcases them to you in a simple feed. The goal is for you to have one source of truth for all Block Chain related jobs. The site gets updated daily.

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Hi Product Hunters! 😻 I am happy to announce my latest project: - the world's largest crypto job aggregator. There are many crypto job boards online but they don’t get updated and 99% of them end up featuring only 1–2 jobs. This is a new industry, so it’s hard to find out where are the best jobs at, Be In Crypto is trying to change that.  🤓 I also am starting a challenge and I will try to launch 4 startups in the $crypto Space in 4 months   🚀 🚀 Here is the post about it if you would like to read more: I will be in the comments in case anyone has questions or feedback
@surfcoderepeat that is a great product, I was thinking of building something like myself, You have done a great job. Good luck....
@surfcoderepeat also wanted to subscribe to your blog, but couldnt find a subscribe button. I would be interested to see what you come up with next...
@faizan10114 Thanks!, you should still build it, I think there is room for more apps with different points of view/execution in this space :)
@faizan10114 I will add a mailing list today
@surfcoderepeat I'd love to collaborate with you. I'm getting into the crypto space as well.
Looks like a great project! I’ve recently founded a new crypto-related company and we’re actively hiring. How do we get on your radar to add the jobs here?
@mg Hi Matt, I am a huge fan of your work :) For the jobs to be added for free you can list all your available positions on any of the major online job postings site like Indeed, Dice Linkedin,etc and we will pick them out from there and link back to the specific site they are posted on so they apply, we will be adding salaries and expanded descriptions soon (working on it now) as well as more filters for all the site. We also offer an option to manually add jobs highlighted at the top of the site for $99 for 30 days, for that on the site there is a "post job" link Thanks :)
@surfcoderepeat Ok got it! Our jobs are posted on AngelList, which I would definitely consider to be a major online job posting site at this point. Hopefully that'll get added soon!
@mg They will be added soon :), will work on it today
Features I am working on to add in the coming days: RSS and JSON feeds for slack bots and other aggregators, a ton of filters (by company, city, salary, etc) adding longer descriptions, salaries and tags and more