Be Forever Me

Record videos, search your memories, create your life story

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Today is the day that your personal stories live on forever! I'm Jason Merkoski. As a futurist, an inventor, and storyteller myself, and one of the dudes behind the launch of the original Amazon Kindle, I personally believe that technology can give each of us a more, and not less, human view of the world. Thanks to this technology, our personal stories and ideas — once easily lost — can now be permanent and accessible forever to both current and future generations. With the introduction of Be Forever Me, we’re giving you this technology so that you can now: · Record your stories with your smart phone or wearable camera. · Upload your audios and videos from your computer and mobile devices into one safe and accessible place. · Immediately search any story. · Find and connect with people simply by typing in a name and choosing to follow them. And of course, you can make your account and individual stories private or public. Be Forever Me works with all of your Apple iOS devices (iPhone iPad, iPod), Macintosh and Windows computers, as well as GoPro and other wearable cameras. I invite you to download Be Forever Me so that you can start preserving and sharing your memories today, tomorrow… and forever!
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