Be a Deletist 🚫

Delete your data footprint, go private and make more time.


noun /dɪˈliːtɪst/

a person who deletes their data in the quest for anonymity, privacy and minimalism: paving the way for ethical decentralised systems.

I designed this website as a series of advice and guides on how to reduce your digital data footprint, become anonymous and make more time.

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Useful tool, @charles_rt. How are you choosing which platforms to support/document?
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. Always impressed with the amount of time you give to this community. Right now, all the content is based on my own person experiences as I’m becoming somewhat of a Deletist myself.
👋 Hello Product Hunt This is my first time here as a Hunter/Maker so be gentle. I've been a designer in large organisations for many years now which has been great but I've been missing out on the value that I see so many others get from side-projects so I wanted to start my own. This is the first of many (I hope). Be a Deletist: is something that is relevant to me (and others) right now considering the increasing appearance of data breaches in the media. I have been on a quest to reduce my own digital data footprint and ultimately make more time for the things that matter. I wasn't sure how crazy to go with this product. I have lots of ideas but I wanted to get feedback from others first. Right now, it's a big content dump which might be OK if it's enough to solve the problem. The problem: people are unsure of exactly how to go about protecting themselves online, downloading their data and confidently deleting accounts. This is intended to be a series of advice and guides on how to do that.
Well, this was a worthwhile experiment 😂 I spend my day job focusing on prototypes, MVPs and starting with user needs. I should really practice what I preach. I’ll put the hours spent to experience and at least the domain only cost me 83p.
@charles_rt The instructions for Reddit should note that once you delete your account, it's impossible to then delete the posts & comments made by that account. Even though those posts & comments will become attributed to "deleted", they may contain text that accidentally reveals the original author.
@mattthew good shout. I will update the content to include this.
The title of this post
Wow 🙂 today has been a much better outcome. Thank you Product Hunters 🙏 Yesterday, I was ready to give up after getting only 2 upvotes in 24 hours (and I’m pretty sure you get the first one for free 😂). I do have some genuine questions for feedback. Please spread the word so I can learn and make it better: * What works, what doesn't? * Is the raw UI too abstract? Should I have been more conservative? Does it matter? * I thought this was a topical subject. Am I trying to help solve a problem that doesn't exist? * What ways could I have prototyped or created an MVP for this specific thing faster that would have let me know I was on the wrong track sooner?
@charles_rt Couple of random thoughts since you're asking - I'd lose any inferences about objectives of tracking (nefarious or otherwise), there're so many reasons people collect data, to sum it all up as "for advertising" seems a bit generalised. - The 150x a day then leading to the assertion that "these things are designed to be addictive" seems a bit melodramatic, if you're checking email notifications on your phone you're not being exposed to adverts. A large part of the "addiction" seems to be quite practical: phones are still primarily a communication tool after all and collaboration/socialising is a very human/normal activity. Phones just happen to be the tool of choice right now. Would recommend either losing the opinions or backing them up with some sources - The CTAs are a bit lost - is the point of the page to get people to participate/engage with the provided resources, to grow a brand or to spread a doctrine? The site does reasonably well at playing on the current concerns around control of data and privacy but as the media hype dies down you'll likely lose your virality so if you're looking to retain some value from the current surge in traffic or build this into anything more than a transient circle-jerk you seem to have two main options: 1) Harvest some data from users (e.g. an email newsletter) - this could be problematic for obvious reasons given the narrative of the site 2) Focus on brand building: lose the "me", "I"s from the page and try to tie your brand to the ideology of privacy etc - this could open some opportunities to sell stickers and other things that might generate some nice little revenue streams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@charles_rt 3) build a tool that automatically deletes/processes delete requests for the major social platforms - and monetize it somehow maybe?
@calvers7 Thanks, Calvin. This is all useful as I haven’t considered any of it yet. I’m not entirely sure what I want this to be or if I want anything out of it. Right now, I don’t think I do want anything out of it except to create something that people find useful and I can learn from the experience. Self-gratification is what I’m after then :) A lot of the fat needs cutting which I’ll look at. Giving it an iteration tonight.
@charles_rt @calvers7 been trying to do it for some time and this is actually ( contrary to what zuckMan says ) very very HARD to do
@calvers7 @vasco_barbosa Hard process, or hard letting go?
Great job!! This is very useful for privacy related matters. Good luck 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks, Ayush. It might need a bit of tweaking to focus more on the useful privacy tips and less on my bloggy rants 😂