Find items on eBay before anyone else

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What about something like BaeWatch? Find hot single great guys/gals before they are already in a relationship again? I'm in a relationship already, but asking for all the single ladies of San Francisco ;)
@sarahbuhr Hi Sarah. Sounds good! I am sure there would be a lot of great guys/gals who would love such an app. I suspect it would make for a good article too! Hope you like BayWatch. Reach out if I can be of any help! Thanks. ;-)
The sequel is here! j/k A friend of mine just released this app for iOS, and I just know it has to be good. Plus I'm getting an iphone, to participate even more in the madness. P.S. It also helps you find rarely listed items, you weirdos.
@v4violetta You are switching to iPhone? Then who will rally on behalf of us Android users on Product Hunt :)
@robertwilliger Not switching! Just expanding my horizons. :)
@v4violetta Thank you very much Violeta. Really appreciate your kind words.
Absolutely fantastic name.
@beckerjs Thanks Jerry, and thanks for looking!
Good idea. I think you can do this with ifttt so. Ie get a notification when new items show up in eBay search results
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack. Great idea. BayWatch aims to give pretty quick results, and allows you to watch items and get notifications.
Great name! If you can get David Hasselhoff....WoW.
@xxxxxxiao the Hoff is a superstar here in the UK. You know, they are still doing re-runs of the show. I confess, it was essential Saturday viewing before hitting the pubs :)