Find items on eBay before anyone else

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Sarah Buhr
Sarah Buhr@sarahbuhr · Reporter, TechCrunch
What about something like BaeWatch? Find hot single great guys/gals before they are already in a relationship again? I'm in a relationship already, but asking for all the single ladies of San Francisco ;)
NeilMaker@mrneilm · App Entrepreneur
@sarahbuhr Hi Sarah. Sounds good! I am sure there would be a lot of great guys/gals who would love such an app. I suspect it would make for a good article too! Hope you like BayWatch. Reach out if I can be of any help! Thanks. ;-)
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
The sequel is here! j/k A friend of mine just released this app for iOS, and I just know it has to be good. Plus I'm getting an iphone, to participate even more in the madness. P.S. It also helps you find rarely listed items, you weirdos.
Rob Williger
Rob Williger@robertwilliger · CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
@v4violetta You are switching to iPhone? Then who will rally on behalf of us Android users on Product Hunt :)
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
@robertwilliger Not switching! Just expanding my horizons. :)
NeilMaker@mrneilm · App Entrepreneur
@v4violetta Thank you very much Violeta. Really appreciate your kind words.
Jerry Becker
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
Absolutely fantastic name.
NeilMaker@mrneilm · App Entrepreneur
@beckerjs Thanks Jerry, and thanks for looking!
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Good idea. I think you can do this with ifttt so. Ie get a notification when new items show up in eBay search results
NeilMaker@mrneilm · App Entrepreneur
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack. Great idea. BayWatch aims to give pretty quick results, and allows you to watch items and get notifications.
Xiao@xxxxxxiao · Operation
Great name! If you can get David Hasselhoff....WoW.
Paul Kemp
Paul KempMaker@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
@xxxxxxiao the Hoff is a superstar here in the UK. You know, they are still doing re-runs of the show. I confess, it was essential Saturday viewing before hitting the pubs :)