Battle of the Brands

Compare the online awareness of 2 brands in a battle

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#3 Product of the DayMay 30, 2018

We’ve created the ultimate 80s style game that lets you battle the online awareness of any 2 brands 🎮 in an ultimate showdown!

  • Daniele Pais
    Daniele PaisDigital Designer and Consultant

    Amazing Design and Style, great stats, interesting idea, blazing fast



    This tool is great not only to kill time but also to get a glimpse of how one company is socially doing better than its tool we need to find out how the winners do it!

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  • Katy Flatt
    Katy FlattIdea Junkie, Content Enthusiast

    Simple and straight forward.



    This is oddly delightful AND insightful which is a great mix for something that could potentially take up a lot of addiction time. It feels especially great when you win.

    Katy Flatt has used this product for one day.
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Patrick Whatman
Patrick WhatmanMaker@mrwhatman · Content Marketer @Mention
Woo! Thanks @sujanpatel for hunting Battle of the Brands! We made a quick, fun game to let people compare the online presence of any two brands. It looks for mentions of each business across news, blogs, and other major media sites, to see which has been talked about more. But then we got excited, and might've gone a bit overboard with the design ;). So it's part PR tool, part sweet 80s game! Give it a spin and let us know what you think! And more importantly, what should we add as we keep developing it? Thanks!
Beautiful retro design, I love to confront my favourite brands!
Adriana Suarez
Adriana Suarez@adrisuarob
Such a creative way to encourage people to analyze their brand performance while having some fun! Bravo!
Patrick Whatman
Patrick WhatmanMaker@mrwhatman · Content Marketer @Mention
@adrisuarob Thanks for your comment Adriana!
Julian Gottke
Julian Gottke@julian_gottke · Comms @quintly
Super cool! Nice little tool you built there :) Kudos!
NH@dothecosby · SMA Enthusiast
Great idea!