Batting Average

Your personal batting manager

Batting Average is the only app that automatically calculates your Batting Average for you by recording each hit at-bat and on-base. No need to know the complex ways of calculating baseball statistics like official at–bats, how many foul balls count as strike, and so on.



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Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
Do you play baseball? Well, finally, you can calculate your batting average without complicated math. :)
Marco NapoliMaker@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
@v4violetta Thanks, I appreciate it.
Erik Dungan@callmeed · Engineer @ Indeed
@v4violetta this is an awesome app ... but "hits divided by at-bats" isn't that complicated ;)
Marco NapoliMaker@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
@callmeed @v4violetta We purposely divided the scoring into two sections for the player At-Bat and At-Base. When you (the player) are At-Bat you only see the appropriate scoring buttons when batting. Once you move to At-Base you only see appropriate scoring buttons while moving on bases. Here is a video showing how it works for Apple Watch and for iPhone I do thank you for your support and question.
Andreas Kambanis@andreaskam · Founder of Nibble Apps
Congrats Paul & Marco - I'm not a big baseballer myself but I love the idea behind the app!
Marco NapoliMaker@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
@andreaskam Thanks.
Paul KempMaker@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
It's great to be on Product Hunt with this unique Apple Watch App. I'm @paul_s_kemp a teammate for Batting Average working with Marco Napoli. We will both be doing live AMA's throughout the day, starting at noon CET. Join us for the live event where we plan be give away free promo codes, answer questions, personally thank individuals within the Product Hunt community for upvoting us and talk about the making of this app. Click here to join or you can visit our landing page
Pierre Venter@pierreventer · Founder,
Cool app! Nice.
Marco NapoliMaker@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
@pierreventer Thanks...
Sai@saidurh · CEO Crowdcast
Nice Crowdcast to answer everyone's questions live on the website!
Marco NapoliMaker@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
@saidurh By the way we love Crowdcast