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Battery technology is definitely a hot space. Jackery is another great portable charger for smartphones and tablets. http://jackeryusa.com
Got the pre-order of this and it's been pretty awesome. It's paired with my 11" MacBook Air and will keep it fully charged for an entire day. The biggest con for this is that Apple has the MagSafe connector patented and doesn't allow third-parties to use it so they had to design their own solution, which is a rudimentary clip on connector that is specific to each type and size of MacBook. So, if you want to charge your friend's 13" MacBook as well as your 11" MacBook Air then you have to keep two adapters at the ready. Additionally, they tout that not charging the battery is more efficient, which is probably is, I find it more of a nuisance than anything. If, say, I use my laptop battery to 5% and then I pull out the BatteryBox and connect it, it will not increase my battery's charge, it just runs off of the BatteryBox and doesn't decrease the MacBook's charge any further. So, at 5%, you *have* to be using the BatteryBox until you find an outlet to properly charge the battery. I'd much rather charge the laptop battery so later that day if I want to just pull out laptop super quick to do something I don't need to get the BatteryBox out and connect it. Awesome for outlet freedom, though.
Another YC company: "BatteryBox fits into the palm of your hand and has enough charge for 100% of a Macbook Air - or 8 iPhones." Available for pre-order for only $139. Not bad.