Batman: Arkham Knight

The Last of the Batman Trilogy

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Anyone play yet? What do you think?
Here's what I think about this game overall it looks like it's going to be awesome! Def looking forward to this title.
Now that the game has launched, any reviews? Worth the purchase?
@andythegiant downloading now, will give me thoughts when it finishes!
@andythegiant So far I'm REALLY digging it. Definitely the best out of the 3, shame it's the last one in the series. Hoping Rocksteady ends up doing something with possibly Marvel if there isn't a DC exclusivity deal.
what's the history of DC comic book stories turning into video games?
@eriktorenberg Not played this one yet but the previous Batman games have been excellent.
@thricha @eriktorenberg This video game franchise to this point has been very solid and one of the few single player console experiences I continually devote time to.
@andythegiant @eriktorenberg The combat was always the winner it absolutely nailed the reward of effort spent mastering it.
Looks like a pretty cool game from the few screenshots/info I have. They must be spending a TON on advertising, I see it everywhere.