Batch Insights API

Fetch any push, from any app – in real time

#4 Product of the DayApril 23, 2015
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Hey Product Hunters! This is the same as Batch Insights but in a simple JSON feed format. Our API let's you grab any push from any app in realtime so you can integrate push notifications data within your CMS, intelligence dashboard or alert system: track news, track brands, track delivery. We're launching today so please let our team know what you think!
@virtualgoodz looks very interesting, curious to give it a shot. The obvious question is do you get access to any push going over the wire or only on apps where you're integrated?
@furqanr yep – push going over the wire, otherwise we wouldn't be able to offer the service. also while we offer push notification service on we never cross that data with Batch Insights. what's your email? I'll get an API token over to you.
this looks pretty awesome for competitor analysis etc
@_jacksmith So would you use this to just get information from the users of your app on your competitors? Or would you use this to enhance the app for the users? Just trying to figure out applications.
@blainehatab see how other apps use push notifications. i.e. what times of day work best etc
What would be some use cases for the api?
hey @blendahtom thanks for asking! 1. Brand monitoring For example, you can track all the push notifications with the brand "Nike" in it, like here 2. News monitoring For example, who's covering antitrust charges against Google in Europe: 3. Delivery monitoring Both these notifications were "received" at 09:11 PST on March 29, 2015 for Flipp and at 12:40 PST on April 14, 2015 for the NYTimes (that's something you get as part of our Pro mode). 4. ????? :)
thanks @_jacksmith – for basic competitor analysis you can also use our self-serve dashboard: