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CEO/Founder of Batch here. The basic idea behind Batch Insights is that smartphone notifications matter. It’s the next interface for users while developers rely on them for growth and usage. Yet there’s absolutely no way to search and analyze them today. Batch Insights is the first analytics tool dedicated to this medium. With it you can search through notifications, track your competitors, gain market insights and find inspiration for your own campaigns. There are certainly many other use-cases for this data, many of which we're pretty sure we haven't discovered yet. We're proud to be opening early access to Product Hunters today and welcome your questions/suggestions.
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@Virtualgoodz I love the vision behind this. I also can imagine it must be pretty hard to do technically, in a reliable way (are you are scripting a fleet of iPhones with all those apps installed?) One thought I have is around the **continuum of notification personalisation**, between e.g. news apps (no personalisation) and Facebook (all notifications are user-centric). I guess most apps would fit somewhere between those two, and it would be rad if you could train a machine learning model to differentiate between levels of user-specificity. Also, having data on conversion/open rates would be awesome, which I guess you would be able to do if apps had a way to send data to Batch?
@Virtualgoodz Is the idea that you can track the generic push notifications from certain apps? If you are doing this through bots or virtual users wouldn't this violate TOS of some of the apps?
@akosner exactly. We focus exclusively on non-specific notifications that are otherwise publicly available, so that private user data can never be compromised through our service. To be clear, we do not hold, at any moment of the process, any sort end-user data transiting through push notifications. Regarding TOS, we review apps on a case by case basis and have not found ourselves in violation of any app license agreements. We do not register fake accounts nor manipulate application data, which is the focus of these agreements.
@julien_c :) 1. Technically yes: it’s a pain. We've had to build an architecture comprised of hardware components, virtual machines and network proxies for aggregation and deduplication purposes. 2. We'll definitely need the assistance of an uncommonly powerful brain like yours to achieve that. Want to grab coffee next week and talk about it? ;) 3. This is completely spot on: we're going to be working hard on that and make it part of the advanced analytics features that are coming next to Batch Insights.
@Virtualgoodz Simon, this is great stuff! Very cool for our business at Circa. It's pulling our stuff nicely though some extra stuff in there that I'd love to talk about getting adjusted. Any chance you can email me? Thanks in advance! matt [at]
As someone who is having an ongoing mental breakdown trying to find an available (.com) name for a startup, seeing someone able to get/afford brings me to a brink of madness. Great name.
Welcome, @Virtualgoodz. There are tools like this for tracking competitors' emails (e.g. Email Insights and MailCharts) but I haven't heard of any tools for tracking push notifications. Clever, but I'm unsure what to do with this information. It might inspire new ideas but perhaps there's a way to make this information more actionable for product designers/marketers. Thoughts?
@rrhoover @Virtualgoodz I want to piggy-back on Ryan's question here... Who is your ideal user base? I can't tell who exactly this product is aimed for....?
@rrhoover @uxandrew @nicoprincen thx for asking the hard questions. There is a lot of work to be done to improve the quality, uniqueness, and usefulness of mobile notifications. Before Batch Insights, there was no way to get a comprehensive view of the notifications sent by gaming/m-commerce co's or news outlets. Now, as a marketer, product manager, or developer you can use Batch Insights to become inspired and develop a more effective and differentiated strategy. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the industry's use of mobile notifications, such as: 1. In the media industry, were you first to broadcast the news on Ferguson. See > 2. How is your competition using notifications? Track a specific vertical such as games and monitor them in real-time or follow custom groupings of the apps that matter to you. See > 3. In gaming, some use incentivized notifications to reengage, others try to make you feel sorry. What's your strategy? 4. How unique is your message from day to day? Which days are most popular for certain messages? You can view statistics on the content of your notifications, as well as others'. See > Being mobile developers ourselves we've been dying to know. Batch Insights tries to answer these questions.
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@Virtualgoodz @rrhoover @uxandrew @nicoprincen I think I'm pretty much the target user (product at a gaming company). We think A LOT about push notifications and do our own competitive research by playing other games, but this streamlines the process a lot. Basically we do this to benchmark our strategies and look for new innovative things to try. I'd love to get programmatic access to the underlying data to query trends, patterns, etc.
@alexmr @rrhoover @uxandrew @nicoprincen Alex, I'd be happy to chat with you about how we can help you achieve that. Here's my email if you'd like to discuss it by email and/or schedule a quick call:
@Virtualgoodz @uxandrew @nicoprincen bingo. Prior to Product Hunt, I worked in the gaming (mostly mobile) space for 5 years. I hadn't thought of that use case when I wrote my previous question but to piggy-back off of what @alexmr said, this would have been a fantastic resource for inspiration and competitive monitoring.
FYI this site says "register with twitter" but then requires you to put in a email and password all the same which is super annoying.
@iano Twitter doesn't provide email as part of their OAuth flow. I'm not sure why sites bother implementing Twitter login at all.
Great stuff. Question : you mention that it allows to get information on notifications from your competitors. How does that work? What exactly could I get from them? Thanks!