Ear-free 'Star Trek' headphone

From the people that brought me my travel Ostrich Pillow light companion. Interested if this will work or if this is just one giant hoax ;) Haha just kidding. Good price for a pretty innovative device, now on Kickstarter. Hey Studio Banana Things, you're welcome for hunting you, can you send one over the Bangkok? ;)
I do love products that I don't quite understand the tech behind....Makes me feel like I'm living in the future.
@bentossell hahaha true that, gotta 'experience it' or not believe it kinda thing right? I had that with the iPad, the apple watch and Uber ;)
@milann yea. Interesting to think about the social dynamics at play. Reminds me of Google Glasses in that I think you'd get a lot of puzzled looks wearing one of these in public, but of course that's a temporary reality if these become popular.
It's crazy! Gotta have this thing :)
Looks awesome! I'd love to try it!
Batband-head will soon be a thing. Nice.