Read later app with improved notes, message and save

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Harsha M V
Harsha M V@harshamv · Skreem, Head of Technology
Been a User of the App. Just love it!! Glad to see all those new updates :)
Ranit Sanyal
Ranit SanyalMaker@ronnhere · Co-founder @ RedElegant Design Studio
@harshamv Thank you. Your words means a lot.
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald@ryanfitz412
Bring it for iPhone
Ranit Sanyal
Ranit SanyalMaker@ronnhere · Co-founder @ RedElegant Design Studio
Hello, I am Ranit, co-founder of Basket, a product running for nearly a year. Recently we have updated our android app. We are glad to announce that we have accomplished most of the features users asking us to provide. In this update we added following features- 1. Intuitive note adding: Adding a note to any item and viewing them is now super easy. 2. Offline action on saved items: Add items from other apps, change labels, add categories, add notes and delete an item after reading if required while offline. Once you are online we will sync your changes across all devices. 3. Messages: Now track all the links you shared or have been shared with you in single place. 4. Multilingual: Basket is now also available in Russian, French and Chinese simplified. Help us to translate Basket in your language: To know more about Basket you can follow the previous hunt - Keep your feedback coming and Happy Basketing :) Thanks, Ranit
mihir @mhrnik
Best alternative of pocket for me. Way to go. @showvhick @ronnhere
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · Front End Dev & Growth Intern @ Monday
As a long time Pocket user, I will try it closely because it looks very nice.