Basis Peak

The next gen of the Basis watch (fitness + sleep tracker)

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So far, this looks pretty impressive to me - continuous heart rate monitoring, 4 day battery life, magnetic charging, water resistant for swimming, etc. When the Apple watch was announced I was a bit disappointed by the fitness features - they just didn't seem that advanced. Hoping the Peak proves out there's still room for dedicated devices for the health / quantified self crowd.
This upgrade looks really promising. I held off on getting the earlier models because heart rate monitoring didn't work for vigorous exercise aka exactly when I need my heart rate monitored. Sounds like they've fixed that now, meaning I'll be buying one once it's available.
This is what I was hoping the iWatch would be in terms of health tracking. I second the heart rate monitoring during exercise @ecetweets. I didn't want the watch without that feature. Now, if this had a round face with these killer features, I'd be sold in a quantifiable heartbeat.
Seems like there is no iOS8 HealthKit support (likely isn't even planned) :(
Preordering now possible. Will let you know when mine shipped