KYC & AML workflow management platform

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☛ Automated identity verification such as biometric facial recognition, motion capture and identity document verification & fake detection
☛ Application fraud detection including on-going name screening, risk scoring for false-positive, AML World-Check
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Anton Ossipovski
Anton OssipovskiMaker@1tonn · CMO @BASIS ID
So the main verification process issue is - clients errors in the data presentation. What do you say if I tell you that BASIS ID allows to onboard more users through its verification and user management process? Try us! We will do a demo for you with our great pleasure.
Chance Crossley
Chance Crossley@chance_crossley
What’s supppppp
Anton Ossipovski
Anton OssipovskiMaker@1tonn · CMO @BASIS ID
@chance_crossley good, fo' shizzle my nizzle