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Your new daily weather app. With GIFs. 🌀

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I'm getting sick and tired of all these new weather apps coming out. I mean, how many of these do I really need to have to find out when Zeus is about to to empty a huge bucket of water from the sky, landing on my dry face, or some light beams shining on my vitamin D lacking face cause Ra the sun god is in one of those moods where he tries to penetrate clouds. Like seriously, I don't need this. Even if they look like hella fun to have, I just don't need it damnit. Downloading as we speak..
@fouad_tolaib Hahaha 😊. There are many things we love that we don't really need. What do you think?
Hi PH, I'm Nick and I designed and built Basic Weather. Basic Weather is an "emotional" weather app that matches hand-curated GIFs with your weather forecast. The inspiration came from an unlikely place: my therapist would have me do check-ins for my β€œhighs” and β€œlows” as a daily practice to reflect on my emotions. It's simple but effective. I started thinking about how the weather affects us emotionally, and GIFs are perfect little nuggets of emotion. A little background on the process: Basic Weather is my first app, and I built it in my spare time as a side project. It took me more than a year. I start a lot of projects that never ship, but discovered a sustainable routine of waking up early and working for a few hours in the morning before work. The app is built in React Native, and the backend is completely serverless. Everything runs on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Cloudsearch and ElasticCache. I'd love to know what PH thinks!
@nickstamas Based on the name, I expected it to be just another weather app. But I was genuinely delighted. Nice idea to combine weather with GIFs πŸ‘ Neat design! (both the landing page and the app) I'm working on my first React Native app too. I'm on the same boat when it comes to "I start a lot of projects that never ship" πŸ˜ƒ Gotta figure out a way to move forward!
Well done, @nickstamas. Love the clean design. πŸ‘πŸΌ Idea (feel free to ignore): It might be fun to be able to share the weather + GIF with a friend as a way to say hello in the morning.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Yeah, that's a great idea. There's a simple sharing feature in the app now, but I want to add the ability to share from right in the push notification. The weather is a great excuse to share an awesome GIF :)
I loved the wavy text "Weather is emotional." in your landing page.
@vsnthv Thank you! I've tried to play with the theme of ups and downs and highs and lows throughout the brand.
Very different from all the common weather apps currently in the App Store