Guided resumé builder with easy 1-click import

Completely free resumé builder and hosting with easy LinkedIn, GitHub and Flickr portfolio import support. Personal URL with custom views to share online. Alternatively, quickly export to PDF or JSON Resume with a range of templates for print.

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Hey I'm not getting the value proposition here. What problem are you guys solving ?
@mcfoxx Hi Maxime, thanks for the question! in one sentence getting to a good looking PDF resume as quickly as possible. The first step is in importing data already entered on the web, from LinkedIn, GitHub or Flickr. The second is in tailoring the data entered for each role that you are applying for, we call these lenses. The start of the third is coming soon and will use data entered for creating cover letters. A lot of sites do most of this,we are hoping to add value in how we guide that journey,also in the sources of experience that we draw in. For example, GitHub is not that common and useful for programming or data science portfolio resumes. Hope that helps.
Hey! The product seems really cool at a first glance. However, I tried to import my LinkedIn data, and it doesn't work. I followed perfectly the explanations and I still have the same issue when I want to import my .zip file from LinkedIn : Invalid file type: application/x-zip-compressed Any idea? Thank you!
@scapeshift Hi Ben; this should be resolved now, thank you very much for the report!
The styling here is... eep. Times New Roman font? Blue / white alternating rows? Sub-headings larger than headings? Doesn't seem quite ready for prime time. Check out some of the 👉 alternatives in the sidebar and you'll see that the value of a resume maker is helping a job-seeker take complex information and formatting it in a beautiful, simple package that will be appealing to a hiring manager's eye.
@jordankrueger hi Jordan. Thanks for the feedback. Where didn’t you spot the Times New Roman? Sounds like a style has been dropped somewhere. The export options have Kendall and Stackoverflow templates that we think are appealing to recruiters. We have different presentation aimed at online and print, we are also talking to designers to improve this further