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Arjun RajkumarMaker@arjunrajkumar · Tech + Marketing, Baseline
Thanks for the hunt @bramk.. Really appreciate this! Hello everyone. Basically, Baseline compares your online metrics for the last 30 days vs 30 day periods in the past (past is last-to-last 30 days & the same 30 day period in the last year), and it send this to your inbox. This way you can quickly track progress with your online marketing activities and see if you are moving up (Green) or moving down (Red). This is automatically updated and you receive an email every 5 day with the progress. I’ve also made it super easy to share this with others (for agencies with clients, or marketing folks with CEOs, founders etc). The people you share this with don’t need to sign into anything, or install any apps etc. They can view these reports on their company page simply with a secret access PIN. Another benefit is to get your reports from someone who’s monthly income doesn't depend on the success of the metrics in that report. Think of this as an addition to your regular agency reports - an unbiased independent report from someone who doesn’t have skin in the game. Thanks! Arjun
Arjun RajkumarMaker@arjunrajkumar · Tech + Marketing, Baseline
The best way to get a feel for this is to show you a real example from your own website. I’ve just added a free report for the PH community. Would love for you to test this and see for yourself. You can try it here - You don’t need to create any accounts, passwords to test this. But you do need to have access to your Google Analytics account to test this - else there will be an error. Cheers Arjun