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Today @37signals announced that they're changing their name, and their focus, to Basecamp exclusively. This is a significant event: 10 years ago 37signals released Basecamp, one of the first web apps for the B2B space. They've also proved that you can have a successful product company without taking funding.

Great and helpful app! I use Basecamp integration with TMetric in all my projects, for me this is the most convenient way to track my time for any activity in Basecamp


rich capabilities of delegating and monitoring tasks



I'm a big fan not only of BaseCamp, but also their founders' books (Rework, Remote, Getting Real) and blog posts. Their work philosophy is amazing and it's reflected on the clean and concrete software.

I really enjoy managing all aspects of my company with BaseCamp


Keeps all the work organized in one place and helps to improve your communication and productivity


I think you can only find better alternatives if you're a developer and need more task granularity stages or estimation features, like Jira

Harkens to a lunch I had with Jason over four years ago, right before I founded my first company, when he went off on a tangent about some day opening a tea shop that served one cup of tea every day. No menu, just the best tea they could come up with that day. One option. He posited customers would trust the cafe's judgement and cafe could focus on nailing that morning tea experience for their customers. You gotta give the guy credit. He's incredibly vision-driven and bold in his commitment to the way he sees the world.
@dshan I think there's two things at play here: 1) Willingness to experiment, try new things, build new things. 2) Willingness to let those things go. ;)