First-ever software platform built for executive assistants

Base is a robust SaaS platform built to streamline the daily responsibilities of executive assistants. Within Base, support professionals can build daily digests, manage executive communications, analyze calendar insights, store critical information and more.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hey all! My name is Jeremy Wight and I am the VP of Product and Engineering at Base. We are very excited to launch the first-ever platform built specifically for EAs. EAs are an underserved persona without tools purpose-built to their workflows, creating numerous pain points in their daily work. It’s been an awesome year building these tools together with Base’s fully distributed engineering team. We are excited to share the platform with you all and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback… and of course, if you know any admin professionals, I’d love for them to give it a try at! Jeremy Wight
Base has totally up-leveled my EA game! Thanks to @jeremywight and the team for their responsiveness and support!
@hannahgbishop thank you so much for your support and feedback as we've made Base what it is today Hannah. Truly, we're just getting started!!!
I love Base and the Base team. Excited to be investors, partners, and product users at High Alpha. The Base email digest functionality is world-class and a game-changer for EAs that send regular updates to the people they support. Congrats @jeremywight and team!
@drewbeechler Thank you Drew! Appreciate your help and support of the product and team!
So excited about the launch of this company. Fantastic team building something that really matters.
@kristianindy thank you for your help and support!
The logo looks a lot like
@joshdance Interesting! You're right! I had never seen, but they do have a pretty similar design. Great minds apparently :D