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Connect the world’s leading apps into your smart workplace. Accelerate your daily work with widgets that show you relevant data from your most important apps. With Basaas for teams you can share apps with your teams easily. Get started – It's free!
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Good apps! I downloaded the windows app version, then go to then showing me: Chrome 66 on macOS (Mojave). Why? and How?
Hi @fauz_io and thank you for your feedback! We modified the user agent string temporarily as some apps had unexpected behaviour with the Electron default user agent. This will be reverted and fixed with the next release in the next days.
that's ok actually, Basaas was great dude @selim_achmerzaev I love it!
Hello Product Hunt! Here’s Daniel, product guy & partner of Basaas from Berlin. I’m excited that we finally made some major steps with Basaas and are launching our product here today. 😴 TL;DR: Combine with Basaas all your web apps into one smart workplace for you and your team. At Basaas we started off with a business app store, which is now an integral part of our digital workplace. An advantage of a company app store is to define a whitelist portfolio for your company allowing users to easily find and use solutions in a compliant manner. Our next logical step was the workplace allowing companies to manage user groups and apps, but also gives every user the freedom for individualization. The first version of our workplace was a simple web-based launch pad. But we wanted to go further and make the workplace your central hub of productivity where you would find app notifications, all your TODOs, search across all your applications, etc. This requires a deeper integration with SaaS solutions which we address in two ways – through widgets and our Electron app. Some of you have probably seen or even used Electron apps which aim to help with productivity. We liked the idea, but we missed fundamental team features such as the ability to create and share apps with colleagues or to interact with your team. The Electron apps we tried out focused mostly on social media or messaging services. We use many different business apps (e.g. Office365, GSuite, Atlassian, etc.) every day, so we needed a solution for business apps as well. That’s why we started developing the Basaas app and made use of our existing Web APIs. There are many other cool features we are currently working on. Just to name a few: ✅ Creating tasks from any app (e.g. an email, a message in Slack) 🔐 Password manager for individuals and organization 🎯 Fully customizable company app store with your own app integration We would be very happy to receive some feedback from the Product Hunt community and to develop our product further with your valuable input. Just a side note: our servers and databases are currently all located in Germany. This may cause higher latency for users outside of the EU. We are planning to scale out the infrastructure globally in the near future. Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get back to you! 🎉
Great job!😊 Will check it out! How's it different from Franz and other twins?
Hi @ayush_chandra, thank you for your motivating words! Franz, Shift, Station, (Wave|Ram)box & Co. are all great apps. How does Basaas differs from them? • Business solution for teams/organizations with central management (users, groups, apps, shared widgets etc.) and not a single user solution • Our focus is more on business apps people use on daily basis, e.g. Office365, GSuite, Atlassian, Trello not only messaging • We also aim to have a web version of a digital workplace and not solely a desktop app • Basaas will continuously add API integration to the said business solutions through our widgets such as tasks, agenda, contacts widgets and more in the near future
Very cool solution if you want to have the "workplace" of your employees well organized and easy to manage. Very pragmatic approach to a real problem.
the logical best step to integrate the cloud into the usual working environment