Easily trade anything with anyone, even your time

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 23, 2017

Barttar is a platform reincarnating the tradebybarter system. You can barttar anything for something else

Dante Lex
Ron Hudson
  • Dante Lex
    Dante LexBuilding Treadie & Billisimo

    Easy to use and fun. It's a new way of trade


    Not much traders

    It's will be coming good in months to come

Love the idea - I'm a big craigslist fan and i love this new interface spin on listing whatever you want. Would love more categorization/segmentation of Services offered vs. Products Sold
~~Doesn't work. Can't post my listing~~. Fixed: don't use emojii folks! Site looks awesome and has HUGE potential. If you fix it, I recommend posting on entrepreneurial communities on Reddit, maker chats, etc. But ONLY after it is stable. 🙂
@kopahkah Thanks for the feedback, will look into it ASAP. I need to know what you mean by doesn't work. Posting seems to be working fine and it's stable.
@dantelex Hey stable is the wrong word, I apologize for being impricise. But I've tried posting again and it doesn't work, the button just sits there spinning.
@kopahkah Posts have been made some minutes ago. Once the post has been made, it will take you to the home page, no issues there. I can assure you posting works fine. It might be a delay from the connection. Apologies for any inconvenience
@dantelex Additional info: I'm able to update my photo/username and the button works instantly. But even with several variants on how I configure the listing (location, no location, expiry date, no expiry date) the button just displays a loading icon and the posting never goes through.
@dantelex Haha, happy to say it's fixed! Just discovered the form won't except emojiis!
This looks good.
@o_prime Thank you Osioke
Very nice look and feel
@rueter Thanks. Happy Barttaring!!