Insense is a platform for branded content production for paid amplification. Our global community of 35k+ influential creators delivers cost-efficient video assets in 5 business days. Our customers have seen 4x reduction in production costs, and up to 12x ROAS
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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many e-commerce and D2C brands are facing unprecedented pressure to simultaneously cut marketing costs while maintaining business growth. To help brands overcome this challenge, Insense launched a new feature allowing clients to get branded content produced by our influential creators in exchange for their products. This means you can optimize your marketing budget, reducing the amount you spend on content creation. It takes 5 minutes to fill out a brief and launch your first campaign. I'm even accepting select engagements!
Thank you, Tristan! In these trying times, it’s important that we stick together and help each other out. That’s why we decided to re-launch our barter deals feature. Barter deals enable brands to increase product awareness, gain new clients, create fresh video testimonials and all kinds of User Generated Content (UGC) from our network of creators. In the last 3 months, our clients utilized this bartering feature and found it helpful. And for all new and prospective clients, we have prepared a small gift- a $50 discount with the promo code UGC.
Well done! qq: How does the product delivery process look like?
@dmitriy_dubovik Hi Dmitry! As soon as creator responds to your brief, you can start chatting with them, requesting a delivery address and contacts, arrange a date for delivery and send the product in the way that you normally do.
Looks really cool. And what type of content can I produce with you?
Hi Denis! With Insense you can produce any type of content for every popular platform: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook. Our creators can create branded content your request and we’ll help you with a filling out a brief.
@ivan_bykanov How many creators in your database?
The Insense community is made up of a huge range of creators spanning categories, demographics, and content styles. Our global community of 35k+ influential creators delivers cost-efficient video assets in 5 business days. And What they all have in common is that they produce excellent, compelling social content.
Great idea! Does it work just for goods? Or can it be applied for services too?
Hi Ivan! thanks for your question. It can be applied for services too. If you want you can provide a creator with an individual promo code to try your service out. Or a creator can just prepare content with review or testimonial about your service.