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#2 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2016

If you want to reorganize your menu-bar apps, Bartender 2 has some cool features to share with you. It can help you rearrange, hide applications or just simplify your menu bar.

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Antoine Plu
Antoine PluHunter@antoineplu · Freelance Designer
Bartender released a new version of their product! 🎉 What new? - OS X El Capitan Ready - Updated UI for Yosemite and El Capitan - Keyboard navigate all menu items - Search menu items in Bartender Bar - Major under the hood improvements And if you already have Bartender 1, you could upgrade it for $7.50 :
Ton@t55 · Mac'aholic
@antoineplu Say what??? Bartender 2.0 was released on September 28th 2015, and it's at version 2.0.9 right now.
Jerome Dahdah
Jerome Dahdah@parasight · Digital nomad, minimalist, designer.
@t55 And if you look closely, you can see that he wrote this 5 months ago. Not sure why ProductHunt is resurfacing this now.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams@xcadaverx
@parasight yeah, what's up with this?! Repeats 🙅🏻🙅🏻
@antoineplu Bartender is definitely such a powerful tool to keep your Mac organized. Can't imagine how would have my menu bar looked like without the bartender! It's a must-have app for any Mac user who wants to keep their Mac organized. Besides, to my knowledge, there is no alternative available for Bartender and it's one on it's kind. — Hats off to the developers for such a great app at such an incredibly low price! Bartender most definitely worth much more than 15 bucks! 👌🏼
Nick Levitan
Nick Levitan@mpavlukevich · !
oh, Finally I can replace notification center, thanks!
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown@brandonb927 · work @sendwithus
Protip: My favourite part of Bartender with OS X El Capitan is hiding the menu bar and setting Bartender to hotkey open with Cmd+1. Hide all of your apps into the Bartender bar, and this way you get a full screen to work with but still get access to the menu bar with a simple press!
Jim Birch
Jim Birch@thejimbirch · Strategist, Xeno Media, Inc.
Read about this when it was featured a few months back. Just went through a great install and setup process. Works great and allows you to tame a previously un-tame-able area of the Mac OS. Great app!
Ben Moore
Ben Moore@benmoore82 · Owner, Jambo Sunglasses
I have been using this for months, surprised it has only been posted here now... Great addition to your Mac!