Bartender 2

Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac



Antoine Plu
@antoineplu · Designer @Algolia
Bartender released a new version of their product! 🎉 What new? - OS X El Capitan Ready - Updated UI for Yosemite and El Capitan - Keyboard navigate all menu items - Search menu items in Bartender Bar - Major under the hood improvements And if you already have Bartender 1, you could upgrade it for $7.50 :
Nick Levitan
@mpavlukevich · !
oh, Finally I can replace notification center, thanks!
Jim Birch
@thejimbirch · Strategist, Xeno Media, Inc.
Read about this when it was featured a few months back. Just went through a great install and setup process. Works great and allows you to tame a previously un-tame-able area of the Mac OS. Great app!
Ben Moore
@benmoore82 · Owner, Jambo Sunglasses
I have been using this for months, surprised it has only been posted here now... Great addition to your Mac!
@jt_pd · Web dev
It is a bit late entry, but nevertheless an awesome widget to use!
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