The perfect companion for your BART trip

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Hi everyone, Me and Javin taking seriously the transportation problems (currently in SF/SV) and adding this app to the list too! More exciting stuff soon!
Thank you for the developer! Life saver for my BART trips!
may not be the most exciting, but definitely going to be among the most useful for me. this looks great. exactly what I was thinking about making before. now i don't have to. thanks.
@genadyo fwiw, I would have gladly paid .99 or 1.99 for this
@cmconsing Share it with some friends and write a nice review, it worth more for us!
@genadyo just shared it with a friend and wrote my very first app store review hah. Keep up the good work!
@cmconsing Thank you again! We have similar app for Caltrain, If you use it - get it!
Not leaving for work without checking the app. Great execution on this one
Perfect. Now on my home screen.