Bars Messenger

Chat with your friends using over 1 million lyrics

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So what is Bars Messenger? It is a messaging app that uses songs lyrics to communicate. The app has it's own Lyrics search engine, which displays matching lyrics when the user enters text. The story behind it: With my younger brother Marc, we've been sending each other song lyrics forever, especially rap lyrics, however we never really found an app that had the possibility to use and incorporate lyrics in a flexible way with a large songs catalog, so we decided to create one, that's how we started with Bars Messenger. few facts: -The catalog features 1M+ songs -All the lyrics are licensed -You can send a full song, or pick only the lines you want to use -It is possible to send regular text messages, not only lyrics -Once a lyrics is received, it is possible to see the lyrics lines received in the original song, and listen to a snippet of the song -You can create collections of favorite bars, songs and artists IOS keyboard coming soon
@pierre_seylan So cool! Can you notify me of the keyboard release? I'll be customer #1! :)