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#1 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2014
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Ugur Kaner
Ugur KanerHunter@ugurkaner · Product designer w/ superpowers
Love the story and thinking behind it. Alternative to Moleskine?
Noah Buscher
Noah Buscher@nhbschr
I've only heard great things about this. One of the key features it has is the ability to remain open with out you having to hold it down. Also, the price point is not too shabby.
Matthew Gallizzi
Matthew Gallizzi@mgallizzi · I believe perspective is powerful.
Really like what you guys are doing here. Great website, very clean, simple and short videos, great community involvement with the hashtag. One thought: as a content play, blog topics around the topics of ideas - what ideas are, how they evolve, methods for producing ideas, how to work the idea muscle, different types of ideas, written stories of people and how their ideas evolved, the backstory behind ideas that grew into large cultural awareness, etc. Lots of storytelling opportunity here.
Tom Maxwell
Tom Maxwell@tomaxwell
@mgallizzi Good idea. I know Buffer has grown a lot through its blogging on topics related to its target demo.
Tom Maxwell
Tom Maxwell@tomaxwell
LOVE this. I've burned through 4 Moleskine's in the past few months but I'm definitely not loyal enough to them to not try something else. Love the lay-flat thinking. I hate having to have a paperweight to prevent the page I'm on from flipping away on its own.
Sriram Krishnan
Sriram Krishnan@sriramk · Product, Facebook
I love these, bought one for myself and one for my wife. -> They lie flat, don't flip over -> Good paper quality, doesn't bleed ink with most pens I use -> Sturdy enough cover that you don't mind it getting banged up. The one design adjustment I would add is the string that some notebooks have that you can tie around the notebook to not have it flip open in your bag. You can accidentally crumple a bunch of pages when trying to stuff your laptop into the same bag as the notebook.