Baron Fig Askew

A ruled notebook unlike any you’ve ever used.

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I love the idea, very unique :D But the OCD in me is just wanting to grab that ruler from the display photo and fix those lines! On a serious side, good job @adamkornfield @jaydesai127 et al. Love it.
@steerj92 Thanks John it was a blast to make. Appreciate the good words and the support!
Awesome to see Askew get posted on PH! It's a limited edition Confidant notebook designed by Debbie Millman, world renowned artist, writer, and host of Design Matters. Debbie did a beautiful job hand drawing each and every page in this book. We call the pages Ruly and Unruly, because while some of them are standard straight-line fare, there are unruly pages sprinkled throughout the notebook that are absolutely wild. Hope you all enjoy, feel free to ask questions.
*checks today's date* "Hmmm, not April 1st...."
This notebook would stress me out so much... but it's a cool idea!
Must be purchased in pairs: one to adore and one to inspire/use? I rarely commit short verse on ruled paper but these rules are begging for words. LOVE.
@kkdub Glad you like it! :D