Baron Fig Apprentice

A beautiful notebook small enough to fit in your back pocket

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Co-founder here! If you have questions feel free to throw them down. PS. Marcus, thanks for the love!
@joeycofon The pocket size is very nice. It would be great if you'd ship a pencil that also fits in a pocket.
@samuelbeek Thanks for the good words. I like the idea!
@joeycofone Hey Joey, curious to learn more about how you've captured and used customer feedback to create your notebooks.
@samuelbeek @joeycofon Get yourself a Kaweco Lilliput. Fits in a trouser pocket.
Just realized we're the only fully analog product today (as of writing this). Thanks for the love, all!
Love the Fig. Have their other notebook size. Fantastic.
@hunterwalk Hunter, glad you're enjoying it!
I love my Baron Fig. I used it everyday this summer. It has a lot of torn out pages, ripped edges and coffee stains. Excited to check out this new iteration.
@kylry Thanks, Kyle—glad you've enjoyed using it! The more worn-in my Confidant gets, the more I love it. Hope you like the Apprentice.
I use a similar size Moleskin, I have about 5 of them. Might get some of these and put them in rotation. :)
@JoshDance Awesome. In my extremely biased opinion, that sounds like a great idea. ;)