Improve your reading skills in English and learn new words

Barney is a useful and effective application for learning English. In just a few minutes a day, you can easily learn new words and put them into practice. Learn new words and Improve your reading skills in English from one of 5 different languages.

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Hey there Product Hunt! I know all people here speak English and I'm not sure this right place for my app but may be it will be interesting for someone. Also I want to add other languages for learning in the future. To know any language you need a good vocabulary. Simple learn of words from any list is not enough. They need to be applied in practice so that words are stored in memory. For this practice is suitable reading of articles in which the learned words are present. In the app you will find short texts of varying difficulty on different topics. In the text, you can select unknown words and add to the learning. The learning is quite simple and is based on long-known and effective methods. Questions are welcome!
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Hey ! any chance to try that on Android ? :)
@languages_ai hey! yes, we want to bring our app on Android in the future :)
Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š