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COO @ Product Hunt
@druarmstrong This looks really beautiful and well curated, tell us about your inspiration. And how is this different from similar services?
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Thanks Corley! I really appreciate your kind words! I started Barlow because when I got pregnant my skin changed. I wanted products that would be safe to use, help my skin, and be within my budget. When I looked online, I was overwhelmed by the thousands of products out there. Barlow is designed to help people navigate the beauty universe and help them find safe, awesome products that are perfect for them, their budget, their preferences, and their local season. We are different because: (1) We only recommend products that are safe (we follow the's guidelines) and effective (based on aggregation of consumer ratings, the brands' testing and our review of the products) (2) We hand pick them for individuals, so we use a combination of data and a personal touch to find you the right product. (3) We are year round / seasonal - your skin can change a lot with the weather, why shouldn't your skin care? We are building our full site right now, but in the meantime we have launched a weekly personalized digest of product picks. Our offer to the Product Hunt community: Product Hunters that sign up today and put "Product Hunt is awesome" in the comment section automatically get into our VIP beta test (did we mention free samples??!) Plus, top referrers win their April product pick (who doesn't need an amazing daily SPF?!)
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angela chouCEO, founder
Product Hunt is awesome... so is Barlow Beauty!
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SanjuGraphicProfessional Graphic designer
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