Be a part of your dogs social life

Bark is The social app for dogs that helps you too:

1) Find out who is out on walks when you are with realtime mapping showing you all the dogs near you

2) Have doggy conversations withe friends

3) Set your mood for your doggy to let others know if they are happy, playful or need some space

4) Mark your lady dog in heat, and send poop bag alarm

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Might want to change some of the language to make it more accurate ... dogs in heat don’t need to avoid men but un-neutered/intact male dogs.
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@joelle_writes Thanks for feedback. My idea was to, avoid dogs in head if for example I have a male dog if that makes sense? Anyway every feedback is helpful as Bark just started.

I recommend Bark to all dog lovers


I can walk with my dog without stress of meet danger dogs


would be awesome if app would support cats

Hey @marek_chojecki, Does this app talk to dogs by barking? How did you decide what each bark meant?
@jacqvon Bark means a lot, in this case it's just signal but Bark App not only let you to bark but put your own text also. At the end of the day it's app for humans but their doga are in the center of it :)
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