A minimal zero-clutter Android launcher

Barephone is a minimal launcher for Android that lets you see only the apps that you choose.

Select just 5 apps to see on the home screen and choose a few additional apps in the app drawer. It lets you hide all the distracting apps and make it a little harder for you to open them.

It has a dark theme too!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I'm a 14 year old developer and this is the first Android app that I'm publishing on the Play Store. Do try it out! I look forward for your comments and suggestions 😊
@anharx Beautifully done. Great job @anharx !
@anharx Nice concept BUT i just downloaded it and have the following to say: - the 5 icons are not centered or even spaced evenly on my phone (Galaxy Note 9), no idea why - icons a bit too small on large screens (they should be resizable IMO) - I cannot add the "dialer/phone" app. It does not show up in the app list. - no icons in the app drawer is a big negative for me since it takes me longer to find the app I'm looking for (icon = instant recognition.) I was thinking this would be a cool launcher for my grandma but without icons, it would be pretty useless Not meaning to sound harsh by saying any of this, just my honest feedback, hope it's useful!
@vaibhavsisinty Thank you so much.
@anna_0x Thank you for trying out Barephone and for your detailed feedback. This is a really early version and I'll definitely keep working on improving it by including these suggestions.
@anharx I know ;) Good luck
Thank you for making this, looking forward to using it! Tried NoPhone for a while and while it was a nice change, it was a little too restrictive to be practical
@cellus_christie Do let me know after you try it out for a while. Thanks :)

Useful, looking forward for updates and new features :)


Simple and elegant


Would be nice if there are more theme options and customization tools :)

It is great product


It is simple and easy and requires a bit space .


It can be improved by improving themes and alterations