Barely Passing

A grade book and grade calculator

Barely Passing keeps all of your grades in one place. It allows you to see what grade is needed on any assignment or test to get a specific course grade. You can also see what class grades are needed for a specific GPA. Barely Passing has a built in calendar and an easy place to view all of your upcoming assignments to know what is due and when.

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@nickcracchiolo What made you build this app and how are you reaching out to more students?
@amrith I started building it in college where some of my professors wouldn’t put my grades online or even let us keep our papers. I (and other students) would also get out out calculators and syllabis to calculate what grades we needed for our exams and this got tedious for me. So I went and built and app. I had iOS experience before and thought that this product would be something I would be encouraged to build and perfect. Right now I’m just doing some target advertising towards student and when I was at school, word of mouth. I have recently graduated so am looking into new ways of reaching students.