Book a haircut or shave at your home or office.

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How do you "verify" your barbers? What's the application process like?
@GeoffreyWeg I worked at a company that offered "in home beauty services" like haircuts and makeup (along with many other services). This is a very niche market and we found that most people would rather go to the salon/barber. Getting a haircut in your office is a very awkward thing (imagine if you saw your co-worker getting his/her hair cut while you were working).
Another interesting on-demand service. I think I would use this. Would anyone else?
There is also "barber taxi" concept. While you move/travel, barber cut your hair. There was also "make up" extension. This kind of models have a frequency problems. People tend to forget the applicaton in a while. My comment is for a niche mobile on demand services.
@GeoffreyWeg I love in home barbers but also like having a regular barber that knows my style, can retrace his last cut, etc. So personally, the convenience of "barber on demand" may be trumped by reluctance to use a new person every time.