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MarcMaker@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
I saw a tweet by @jason ( this morning that triggered my side-project tourette's. so I went ahead and made this. Would love to know what you think.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
@marceglon Maybe add an example of how your deliverables will sound? Will @baratunde read'm all? ;)
jasonHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@marceglon my gosh you are a talented designer/product manager. This looks epic.... note: people will not pay, so i would go for getting as many people as possible THEN ask them to donate. right now it feels like a paid product and is confusing. just make it free then beg for money.
MarcMaker@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
Thanks for the support @jason - really means a lot. And yep, the conversion data supports your intuition on pricing, so I'm experimenting with dropping the entry price to zero.
MarcMaker@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
Great idea - I just added Baratunde's original audio version of @jason's article that inspired this as an example. Can't promise that it'll be @baratunde that reads 'em though.
Tehsin Bhayani@tehsin681 · Co-founder @ Serind Labs
So I did $5 right now, but I'd probably pay around $10 or at the maximum $15 per month. Yea upfront value would be good to see, if I saw a playlist, easy way to request, being able to sample 15 seconds of each - all that would show me the upfront value I think. My segment profile: I subscribe to Audible (for the past 4 years), approx. 3 books a month, listen to Tim Ferris's podcasts. I love reading but can't sit still. I like taking notes, code or going for a walk when I listen. Don't have time for any other podcasts, I say I will listen to a16z podcasts but rarely do. I try to keep up with key blogs (mentioned earlier), I keep saving links from Twitter to Pocket (about 2 each day) but the last time I opened the Pocket app to read was 3 months ago. So yea hope you make a business out of this; I am sure there are other segment profiles as well (9 to 5 commuters) that are the type that would pay for it.
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
Cool side project, @marceglon! I agree that listening to essays usually makes a lot more sense than reading them. I do it all the time in Pocket with TTS, but this is definitely more premium and hopefully it can help with discovery too :)
MarcMaker@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
Thanks @tkrunning ! Totally agree, I think this would be an awesome platform for discovering cool content. Does Pocket have TTS built right into it? I use it all the time and had no idea :)
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
@marceglon At least on Android. Super useful. You can download some pretty good voices as well for a few dollars.
Tehsin Bhayani@tehsin681 · Co-founder @ Serind Labs
I have always wanted to or hoped that someone else would do this, so I really appreciate this, thank you. Signed up for the subscription, and would love a way to increase the monthly price in the future. Some feedback & some requests: - The Gumroad Subscription was a little confusing, would have loved to see a proposed playlist for the week. - Ideally less event and people based news/drama, and more ideas based essays - Everything from Ben Horowitz's Blog please, - MBA Mondays from Fred Wilson would be amazing, - Everything from Paul Graham. Thank you!
MarcMaker@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
@tehsin681 Great suggestions Tehsin. And I'll work on the confusing subscription setup. I'm curious what number you had in mind for a subscription price. I presume that you'd like to see more upfront value before paying, right?