Bar Tab

Discover great bars with every new tab in Chrome

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Thanks for posting @bramk! Bar Tab was an idea I've had for a while, inspired by @gillianim's awesome Wander Tab chrome extension. We built the 1st version in 2 days at TNW Hackathon in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, initially with just bars in Amsterdam. We have a bunch of really active users the Party with a Local app, our 'Super Locals', so we asked them to help us by suggesting some great bars in their cities. So we're launching with 10 cities so far and we'd like to grow the number of bars and cities if there is a lot of interest. Love to hear your feedback on it!
@dan_fennessy ha I love it, and there are definitely some UX tweaks in this that we'll likely import back to @wandertab. Thanks for pointing it out!
@dan_fennessy Hi Dan! Our podcast episode about your personal entrepreneur journey and Party With A Local is still my most memorable. Bar Tab is doing well on PH - well done.
Cool new Chrome Extension by my buddy @Dan_Fennessy (founder of Party With a Local) - find a great bar around you with every new tab! TGIF!!!! *wow, just realized this is my 200th hunt, w0000t!!
@bramk congratulations on your 200th hunt.
Nice friday fun! It would be helpful to have an indicator that shows which city currently filtered when you open a new tab.
@james_matheson Thanks for the tip James. We've added this now.
One of those idea/name combinations that make you kick yourself in the head for not thinking about it! Awesome extension, just added it right now
@zachmax Came to say exactly this - super clever name!
So did you build a product based on the pun or did you give the product a pun name after it was built? :)
@gaberoeloffs After it was built, but it just fit too well to not too use :-)