High-protein pasta made from chickpeas

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This is one of those "I didn't know I would want this, but I do" type of things. But $5/box?
@bkrall My sentiments exactly.
@michaeltomko what price would make it accessible for you? Also, a nice way to think of it is that Banza is $1.25 per 2oz serving. At 13g of protein per 2oz, that's less than most protein bars of the same size. Finally, we're working on getting our costs down. With a goal of fully usurping pasta, the price will eventually have to be more accessible. Hopefully we can get it to a place where we can win you over soon! Thanks again for your interest -Brian
@brirud Good question. At my house we **accidentally** buy $1 boxes of pasta all of time because we forget about the last 7 times we did that. But, at < $2 it's no harm no foul. I totally see the benefit here but it has two main barriers for me. 1) I can't get it at the store. This is something we'd have to decide to do and make a point to order it. 2) $30 is more than I'm willing to invest in my pasta stash at the moment. That's the equivalent of what I've spent on boxes of pasta in the last few years, I think. What's the shelf life like? I'd feel bad ordering it and then it expiring because we didn't eat it fast enough.
@michaeltomko love the detailed feedback. Thank you! We're in 215 stores now (Meijer in the Midwest and Eataly in NY and Chicago). We're in the middle of finalizing some things that will triple our store count by early next year. So if online doesn't work, hopefully we'll be in a store near you soon enough. Shelf life is 2 years
@brirud No problem. I just thought of this, but when my wife was pregnant, she had gestational diabetes. It was SUPER tough, at least at first, to figure out what she could eat. 15g of carbs was considered by her dietician to be a "carb choice", so based on the data on your homepage, Banza would be 1-2 carb choices vs 3-4. That would mean my wife could have enjoyed pasta AND a piece of garlic bread, which is her favorite. Anyway, my point is that if Banza is a compelling pasta replacement, meaning that it is good enough to eat everyday vs. being a healthy choice that you force yourself to eat, then your product could be huge for the folks dealing with issues like GD. If we had come across this then, buying $30 worth would have been a no-brainer. Anyway, I'll look for Banza to find its way to me here in St. Louis, MO. For now, it is probably a single-box purchase when I'm planning to make pasta. Thanks!
I tried it. It was awesome!
Awesome to see a VFA-founded startup here on Product Hunt. Better order me up some of this stuff!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BANZA! This is the 2nd most important product to my daily life that if you took away from me, I'd be VERY upset (#1 product being my Boosted board). Plain pasta is so unhealthy. I love the texture and taste of this pasta so much.
I have been eating a lot of Banza lately. It is pasta made from chickpeas. It does not taste quite the same as regular pasta, but when I cook it right, it comes very close. I love it because I do not have the carb crash a few hours later.
@EAWharton the man! We're doing a trade show as we speak and I'm huddled in the corner every few seconds checking my phone, lol. You are the best. Thank you for your ongoing support
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@EAWharton What do you consider cooking it right as opposed to cooking regular pasta?
@SacBookReviewer a very good q. @brirud might have better advice than me. For me, I like to let the pasta soak in hot, but not boiling water for about 5 minutes. Than I will usually put it in a skillet with a drop of oil, some veggies and Whole Food's Cuban Rub. Then I'll either add a little bit of parmesan or some marinara.
@EAWharton Agreed, great question. The best answer is probably two-fold. 1) Right now, Banza cooks very fast. We designed it to be convenient. Put it in hot water (not boiling) and then scoop it out. Pretty similar to how you would steep tea. Turns out people have strong instincts when it comes to pasta, and they don't often read directions. So... 2) In january, we are doing a product re-release that cooks more like regular pasta. Still cooks in 4-6 minutes, but at a boil. When it comes to appropriate dishes, Banza can act as a direct substitute for pasta...