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Human assisted AI transcription

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Tommy Kuntze
Tommy KuntzeHunter@tmyknze · UX Designer
Hello all! I've been working on this project with @NedRockson and @StephanePanier over the past month and we wanted to share our progress with the PH community. We're using IBM Watson to transcribe media files, which transcribes with about 75% accuracy. To clean up the rest, we built a text editor that allows you to fix capitalization, misspelling, and punctuation errors. After editing, you have the option to download a .txt file or publish the audio/text experience and share a unique URL. We're still developing parts of the tool, so please forgive any bugs and let us know what you find! Also, here's a demo of a published transcript: a clip from Design Matters (great discussion between Debbie Millman and Eli Horowitz)