Waze for nightlife- real-time info from bars and clubs

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Hi everyone! Glad to see Banter on ProductHunt! Ever go out, only to find the bar you just got to has a huge line, or worse, is totally empty? You then waste time & perhaps even taxi money going from place to place... Isn’t it ridiculous how often this happens? Well, we agree, so we’re building a nightlife community where you can see & share information on what’s going on at nearby bars, restaurants & clubs – all in real-time! Banter lets you do three things: - Find dozens of things to do in your city from happy hours, to live music concerts, to DJs or comedy shows - Find, chat with & meet people that are going out tonight; we’ll even suggest people that like to go out where you go out - See & share photos from nearby bars & clubs, so you can know where the hotspots are in real-time. During the month of May, we had 6,000 active users, with more than 30,000 messages exchanged between users & more than 2,000 posts in our live feed. We’re still small but growing strong. Banter supports over 60 cities across the globe, but the majority of our users are in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Mumbai & New Delhi. So if you like what we’re doing but we don’t yet support your city, let us know! Diego, Banter CEO
@dvillarrealm @thebanterapp like the idea! But really mixed feelings on the name ha I'm sorry 🙈
@bentossell @thebanterapp haha you don't like the name "Banter!"? Why is that? Not memorable enough? ;)
@dvillarrealm I feel like banter was a word seldom used but last few years everyone has been saying about everything. Even sarcastically cropping up after shows like The Inbetweeners were using in a cringe-y way haha. Maybe it just applies to edge cases, people who watch The Inbetweeners and such haha. Seems like it could be a British pet-hate thing haha. You can see a thread on Reddit and even on the BBC here ha! In terms of longevity I feel like using the word 'banter' could be short lived. Not trying to be brutal but just my opinion :)
@bentossell No worries, appreciate the honesty! We did explore the use of the word when we came up with the name a year ago, it seems like it's barely use in the US, but you're right, apparently in the UK it might not have the nicest connotations haha Thanks for sharing the links!
@dvillarrealm yeh perhaps its the UK that has damaged me haha
The idea behind the application seems really great and the features seem to be spot on with what you would like the application to do. IMO however the design of the App could use a lot of work, I would certainly like to see that cleaned up because I don't feel inspired to use the App based on the design, if that is updated and tightened up however, I think you will really have a great product on your hands.
@dpcleitao Dan - thanks for the feedback. You are right, if there's 1 specific aspect that we're looking to improve, it's the design and intuitiveness. For full disclosure, we somewhat "pivoted" the value prop from being map-oriented to more chat/feed-oriented a few months ago and are still transitioning, could definitely use some pointers on design, if you have any specifics!
I downloaded this app a while back, created a user and never browsed it. MISTAKE. Banter really works, I liken it to a Waze/Yelp of nightlife, real-time and honest information on bars and clubs, I just wished it existed when I was 21. Keep the features coming!
@daniel_trevino Thanks!! glad you like the recent changes!! We're going to keep making the app better and better, making it smoother, more intuitive and better picture-taking and messaging experiences, so stay tuned!
I have been using the app for a few months now and even though I am not a big party/bar person I found it pretty useful on several occasions. Happy to see it here on PH today. Good luck to you guys!
Really good idea! Will Check ist out
@fabian_beringer Thanks Fabian! Please don't hesitate to share any feedback!