Bantamu 2.0

Connect with the perfect professionals for music production.

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Two years ago, Bantamu was an aggregator of music professionals portfolios (not vertical on music producers, but open to photographers, designers in the music industry). Today, Bantamu 2.0 is specific for music production (producers and audio engineers). Bantamu is now an intelligent matchmaking platform that connects music freelancers and music artists from all over the world to produce songs. On Bantamu - Artists, Musicians and Bands can find the best music freelancers including Producers, Recording Studios, Mixing & Mastering Engineers ready to collaborate with them, and securely pay for any services needed to fulfill their music projects.
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting Bantamu! Hello everyone, we are super excited with the launch of the new Bantamu and we hope you’ll love our intelligent matchmaking platform that connects talented artists with the perfect music professionals in order to produce beautiful songs! We know only too well the passion and dedication to detail that every good artist puts into their music! That is why we love to take care of all the artists and musicians 🎸 🎹 🎵 🥁 that choose Bantamu to find the right producers, recording studios, mixing & mastering engineers 🎤 🎛 🎚🎧 to collaborate with. We have developed a unique algorithm which matches all the details of your music projects with the skills, credits, and music tastes of all the verified professionals registered on our site. We are able to find the best-suited producers and audio engineers for any kind of music project submitted here on Bantamu! Nowadays, music artists and bands need a unique sound in order to make their music stand out, and exactly like any good startup, they need the best team of professionals to work together on a project. Bantamu provides a simple and easy-to-use interface where artists and verified music professionals can manage all their projects, including files sharing, chat, agreements, payments and eventual publishing & royalty deals. As we like to say… Finding the right professional to collaborate with is like finding the right partner, someone who can take care of your songs and who will love your project as much as you do! That’s how hit records are created!
Sounds interesting, but who are the professionals? I mean, how can I be sure that the guys you connect me with are real pros (I'm a musician myself...)?
@davideghz Hi Davide, right now Bantamu has thousands of professionals registered (including many Grammy Award winning professionals). All professionals must go through different steps of selection before being accepted to be matched on Bantamu, that's how we are sure that you will be connected only with real pros!
Hi Guys, just checked the website and it looks great! Can you please tell me more about how the intelligent matching works? Tks!
@diblamic Hi Michele, thanks! We have developed a unique algorithm which matches all the details of your music projects with the skills, credits, and music tastes of all the verified professionals registered on Bantamu. The algorithm learns from all the previous matches so it's getting better day by day!
Sorry to ask a tech question... would you mind sharing your tech stack? Just curious ^_^
@duplikey Hi Raffaele, no problem at all! Bantamu is built with Ruby on Rails running behind nginx web server and using MariaDB as main database. For other tasks (not strictly related to public web requests) we are also using Redis, Memcached and Sphinx. We love technology (as we love music) so we are open to try new things, for example at the moment we are implementing a tool to be even faster doing A/B tests. If you have more questions just ask, we love to share!
@simo2409 Oh that's great! Thanks a lot! Which features are you A/B testing at the moment?
@duplikey You can checkout Bantamu's tech/product stack on Siftery :)
@duplikey At the moment we are A/B testing a step in the project's creation trying to make it perform better, some more features are in the "A/B test wish-list" and we hope to be able to implement them asap :)
@kwdinc @duplikey Looks great! 🤓