Create fully automated Zapier workflows that generate product banners, social media images and more
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So every new Bannerbear integration needs its own PH launch or is the spam just me?
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@camerondare this tool is solid enough to justify!
@camerondare It's a pretty major new feature, the ability to integrate into 2000+ other apps and new features are eligible for posting. That said, I did hesitate as I knew there may be some sentiment like yours. If you feel that I'm cluttering up your feed, please accept my apologies. But as a maker, I'm proud of what I'm building, I'm excited to share it with others and sometimes it's difficult to reconcile that with not being a nuisance to people :)
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@camerondare I can't agree more! It's not the first time that makers take advantage of Product Hunt, as I had mentioned before. It's also great to see support from the community looking at the upvotes you got.
Agree, kinda surprised @rrhoover lets this product launch so frequently
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@rrhoover @cheepo2109 Even if I find the product useful, I agree with comments above. This is not 😉.
Hello fellow makers and product people! About 2 months ago I launched an image generation API called Bannerbear. Last month I launched my first "nocode" integration for the API using Airtable and I was blown away by the response. I had completely underestimated the size and enthusiasm of the nocode community. I've spent the last month answering a lot of emails from nocode users and one of the most frequently requested features was integration to Zapier. This makes sense, since that would enable tons of different nocode use-cases! Today I'm excited to officially launch the Bannerbear + Zapier integration! Now you can add Bannerbear's image generation capabilities into your automated Zapier workflows. Since Zapier already integrates with 2000+ other apps, the possibilities here are really quite endless... here are some ideas: - grab a tweet, auto-generate an image, post to your buffer queue - generate different sizes of ecommerce banners every time you add a new product in Shopify - auto generate images from data in a Google Sheet I really can't wait to see how this integration gets used!
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Just checked, this is Bannerbear's 5th Producthunt launch since November 2019. For comparison, Nomad list has had 5 Producthunt launches since 2014...
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@kris_bogdanov You're absolutely right, Levels is slow AF launching new stuff... ;-)
This is amazing! can't wait to try it out.