Bank Fee Finder by Chime

Find out how much you're really paying in bank fees.

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Nice work Chime!
@hunterwalk Thanks Hunter. Amazing team effort here!
This is awesome! I just found a bank fee that I wasn't aware of from a few months ago that I'm going to ask about :)
@charleyma glad it helped Charley. Thanks for sharing.
Bank Fee Finder is a free reporting service created by Chime, a bank account that helps people avoid fees and automate their savings. Bank Fee Finder empowers Americans to uncover how much they’re paying in hidden bank fees. You can connect to your bank account and generate a personalized report that identifies fees broken down by monthly, ATM, overdraft and other fees, and see how you compare to others on average. Chime developed the Bank Fee Finder because the national bank fee epidemic is costing American consumers billions each year. Based on the 4,000+ reports generated to date, the average annual fees paid are over $300, with a one in ten reports indicating over a thousand dollars in fees in a year, while most American households have less than $500 in savings.
@shanesteele I like Chime, but instead of this, improve the service, like have the saving for all the transaction on the account, let people to deposit money in more convenient way and other stuff, and that will help more people to use Chime.
@dany20mh Thanks for the feedback. We have some new deposit options in the works.
@shanesteele the main issue for me that holding me to use Chime is deposit, I need at least be able to deposit money from ATMs and not just like others from Walmart or other ways that's not even close to me. A lot of users don't get their income as direct deposit and handling cash and more options for deposit will make their life easier. Anything about the automatic saving ? Do you guys have plan to put it on all the transactions or is still on the card transactions?
@dany20mh Hi Danial, that's a great suggestion! For our Automatic Savings program we pay a 10% bonus on round ups for Chime card transactions only.
@shanesteele I know that, what I'm asking is are you going to bring it in all of the transactions or it will stay on the card transactions only.
Does this work in Canada?
@tombielecki Only works for U.S. bank accounts for now. Thanks for the question!