Two-player SMS-based duel game

BANG! is the hottest new two-player, SMS-based game. Challenge your friends to duels and claim your title as quickest texter in the West! To begin, text a command to +1 (830) 444-4565 (U.S. numbers only, for now!)
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Hi Product Hunt fam! BANG! is a side project I spun up a few months ago, but didn't get around to launching until now. Inspired by a game my brothers and I used to play as kids, BANG! allows you to challenge friends to texting duels. The game is simple: challenge someone to a duel; if they accept, you will both be sent a text instructing you to draw at a random time in the next hour. The first to respond with 'BANG,' wins, and claims bragging rights and the title of quickest texting fingers in the West! The loser gets their (virtual) brains blown out. If you enjoy BANG!ing, help me cover BANG!'s server costs: :) All the code is open source (, but I've copied the README below for reference: BANG! BANG! Is a two-player, SMS-based game. To begin, text a command to +1 (830) 444-4565 (U.S. numbers only, for now!) How to play: Challenge a friend to a duel using the DUEL command! Text 'DUEL [phone number]' to +1 (830) 444-4565. Once the your friend responds with 'ACCEPT,' the duel begins. Both you and your friend will receive a text notifying you of the start of the duel. At some point in the next hour, you will both receive a text instructing you to DRAW your six-shooter and fire! The first player to respond with 'BANG' is the winner! Commands: DUEL [phone number]: Start a new duel! Only U.S. phone numbers are supported, for now. ACCEPT: Accept a duel! If you have multiple pending duels, it will only accept one. 'Reject duel' functionality coming soon! BANG: Shoot at your opponent! STATUS: View your pending and current duels. HISTORY: View your overall duel record and win percentage. COMMANDS: View a list of available commands. RULES: View an explanation of the game. STOP: Unsubscribe from BANG! Coming Soon: ACCEPT [phone number] command to accept specific duel requests REJECT command to reject specific duel requests Customizable usernames Support for international numbers DUCK command for more nuanced gameplay Misfires, power-ups, and more! An all-time BANG! leaderboard! BANG! apps for everything - iMessage, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter, and more!
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Fun idea, very creative. Would be annoying to lose due to being in a no-signal area, but this isn't exactly something one would take too seriously. Nice job
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I need this to work in Mexico pleaaase! @timosheridan
@dantnad Just enabled messaging to Mexican numbers on Twilio. Wait a few minutes then try!