Bandwidth Hero

Browser extension which saves data by compressing images

Bandwidth Hero is an open-source browser extension which saves data by compressing images on the page via data compresion service. It reduces image size by about 50%-75%.

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    Free, opensource



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    Easy to use, open source


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    Can be used with my own server (easily installable on heroku if needed).

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Clever idea. Particularly useful when tethering with a limited data plan.
@rrhoover yes, I've created it while I was traveling and living with 2GB per month 3G-stick :)
Really neat! Just installed and look forward to getting faster websites :)
I'm really glad that you've implemented this idea in an open source format with the option of self-hosting the compression service. I know that Google (and perhaps others) have implemented data compression proxies for some time now, but it's exciting that this service has finally crossed into the open source domain. Thank you for putting in the effort to develop this addon, and I hope to see it maintained by the community for quite some time!