Share cabs. Save money.

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I've been using these guys for a few months now as they've been beta testing. They have finally released a super nice mobile app. Much cheaper and nicer than a NYC cab ride.
@andreplaut it's unclear how this works to me. Does Bandwagon have a fleet of taxis or does it simply help you find others nearby that want to split the fair with any taxi driver?
@rrhoover great question. They basically partner with different black car companies in NYC. So, when you need a ride somewhere, you put in your pickup and drop off point, and it either allows you to join an existing "bandwagon", which means someone is already getting picked up and dropped off somewhere on your route. Or, you start a bandwagon, and allow others to jump on. The price you pay keeps dropping depending on if people join your ride.
@andreplaut got it! So it's similar to Sidecar Shared Rides that was quietly announced a few weeks back (cc'ing @ryanlawler who wrote about this recently) and Hitch.
I have always wanted this to exist. Starting with airport pickup might be a useful way to gain critical mass.