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Tested the product and the iOS app is amazing. In fact it's so great I would like to migrate @composrapp users to BandLab since we are going for the same goals. Maybe we can work something out and join forces. - maker of
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Thanks @nickengelsman - this means a lot to us :) Looking forward to chatting tonight!
Hey everyone - Meng here from BandLab! Thank you to the ProductHunt team for featuring us - we're excited to be here. :) BandLab was borne out of our frustration we experienced in trying to make better music - technological, geographical and creative. We'd seen so many advances in other industries with new technology and felt there was much that could be done to improve the one that we really cared about. Since July last year we've been fortunate enough to be able to put together an international, diverse and passionate team of technologists and music lovers on the incredible island that is Singapore - dedicated to creating and developing our vision for what BandLab is and wants to be - a place where your creativity has no limits. With BandLab, you can capture and develop your song ideas seamlessly - alone or with others. You can meet new musicians from around the world, follow their creative process and be inspired by the music they make. We're trying to remove all the obstacles that exist today and let you just focus on the music. We take a unique approach to the problems that we are trying to solve in the songwriting process and hope this creates a product that you all will love. You can read more about the different things we're trying to do on our blog and we're very open to feedback from our users to help us refine our product roadmap even further! There's a lot we're trying to fit into a small package, whether you experience BandLab on Android, iOS or through your web browser - we're always looking at how to simplify it further and make the whole journey smoother. From the entire team in Singapore - we're thankful for all the support we've been receiving in our early stages - we're going all out to pay it back. Thanks again ProductHunt community, and do drop me a message on BandLab (I'm @mrkuok) and say hi - maybe we'll be able to make some music together! :) p.s I play guitar.
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Couldn't add the amazing explainer vid (no Vimeo support on Product Hunt yet) so here it is:
(by the Epipheo guys)
This is awesome! @mrkuok @tazumee, can you tell us about how BandLab came to be? Does the app support real-time collaboration? How do you deal with version control?
Hey @eliservescent - great questions... We focus on asynchronous collaboration, the way most music is recorded today! We focus on "anytime, anywhere" - and that's very hard to do if you need to match time zones or bandwidth speeds. Also, as much of BandLab is about discovery and meeting new people, real-time collaboration can often be very intimidating and not very conducive to creativity! For version control - we track all the changes you or your other collaborators save, and display it graphically for you so it is intuitive to navigate. We put a particular focus on it because it serves two purposes. As a creator, you can always go back and try something different if you don't like the direction something is going and as a fan, you can always trace something backwards and see how it was made!
Great app - I've got a question if you've got a moment! Saw the bberg article today 👍👍!