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In my exclusive launch article for VentureBeat, I said that Banana Splash "is the Canva of personalized marketing." It really is incredibly simple to use, but extremely powerful. You can read all about it, and get the full details on its capabilities (and simplicity) at
@therealsjr That's such a perfect way to describe it.
I've been following the results Banana Splash delivers for publishers, e-commerce sites and SaaS businesses and they are incredible. It's great to finally see someone addressing the mobile web issue and helping businesses deliver what their customers are actually looking for.
I've been using Banana Splash on since April. It's an incredibly powerful and easy to use tool that increases mobile engagement, turns visitors into leads, and actually has increased sales on traffic we would have otherwise missed out on. I highly recommend this tool.
Any idea if you'll be supporting custom segmentation in the future? For example, if I want to target those people who have placed an item into a shopping cart but then not purchased, on a previous visit. Or, if you can use customer / user data from a service like Mixpanel to target finer segments? This looks like it's the foundation of what could be a very powerful tool! Well done.
@vahishta Hi Vahishta, thanks for the question. Yes, we already support custom segmentation and can trigger splashes according to any behavior/purchase/login and more. The basic plan with the free trial includes basic segmentation, you're welcome to upgrade for the more advanced platform which has all of these features. Thanks for the feedback!
@taliagw Awesome! Does it work with other data like Mixpanel, etc?
@vahishta Yep. We integrate with all tracking platforms suck as Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, GA and others.
Just created my first splash - very intuitive, easy to use and understand how it works. One question, though - do you plan to integrate with services like Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc.?
Update to my previous comment - found all the necessary integrations (YAY!), now I love this service even more. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs lead generation pop ups!
@ulianasi Sorry for the late reply :) As you can see we do integrate with all email marketing platforms and CRMs including Salesforce, HubSpot and others. Glad you enjoy the product! Let me know if there's anything I can assist with.