Bamburgh Z

Functional Admin Dashboard Template & UI Kit

Build websites and applications the easy way. Bamburgh contains elements to cover 90% of use cases when building your products. With the integrated UI Kit, you can build beautiful websites, in the same style as you app. Just check the live preview, you'll see!
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Hey guys, I'm pretty sure you'll like this product. I made it as clean as possible, didn't want to add a ton of third party plugins that people wouldn't have used in 90% of cases, anyway. You can use Bamburgh to build user interfaces for applications and presentation websites (this is where the integrated UI Kit comes to play) Also, there are a few pre-made layouts for 'applications', they will help you add, for example, another lateral menu beside the main sidebar one. There are a lot of nice features included, but I'll let you check out the live preview, so you can see them first hand. If you have questions, I'm more than happy to answer them! Thanks